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Gran’daddy Junebug  ~  Grades: K-12
Audience Size: No Limit  ~  Length: 1 Hour

Continuing his family tradition of preserving culture, “Gran’daddy Junebug” teaches personal responsibility, finding the right path, coping with peer pressure, being true to self, always striving for excellence and respect for self and others through the African oral tradition of “call and response.” This highly energetic program utilizes a tremendous amount of audience participation (as he shares his wisdom) which has students learning life lessons as they experience the time of their young lives. One principal wrote, “I’ve been in education for 35 years and this is the BEST cultural arts program I ever witnessed in my entire career”!


We Wear The Mask  ~  Grades: 6-College
Audience Size: No Limit  ~  Length: 1 Hour

Using narratives from historic research as well as the poetic genius
Paul Laurence Dunbar (1872-1906), Mitch Capel unveils the true depth of the soul and life of this remarkable poet laureate from Dayton, OH. Audiences realize his struggle for existence,
understand his courage, feel his compassion, know why “the
cage bird sings” and why “with torn
and bleeding hearts, we smile”.
Joanne Braxton, Professor of American Studies and English at
the College of William and Mary
, author of The Collected Poetry
of Paul Laurence Dunbar
wrote, “Mitch Capel is the greatest interpreter of Dunbar’s work ever!”


W’en Dey ‘Listed Colored Soldiers  ~  Grades: 7-College
Audience Size: No Limit  ~  Length: 1 Hour

Feel the climate of America and check the pulse of the unsung heroes of the Civil War from “Whistlin’ Sam”, “Lias”, “Whisperin’ Bill”, “William Carney” and others whose recollections and stories of unflinching courage were never told. From the works of great writers and scholars as Paul Laurence Dunbar and Dr. Rex Ellis, this heart wrenching portrayal depicts how the “Colored Soldiers” sacrificed
their lives in various battles to “save the union” and “to mek’ our people free”.
Mitch Capel’s piece is the most powerful in my documentary.  When I first saw Mitch do the ‘William Carney’ story,
I had no idea who he was.  Of course, being a documentarian, Mitch’s piece on ‘William Carney’ blew my mind!”  Tyrone Young,
Co-Producer of 42 Annual NAACP Image Award nominated film, “Filling the Gap


In Days Gone By   ~  Grades:  High School-College
Audience Size: No Limit  ~  Length:  90 Minutes

Take a historical journey and visit the lives of Africans in captivity
on America’s plantations.  Follow the continuum beginning with an African chief who refuses to be sold into captivity; to those who found themselves in the horrible, degraded conditions called 
“slavery”; to those who fought in the civil war for “de glory of de
right”; to the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation and Re-Construction”; all the way to the election of Barack Obama as President of the United States.  Mitch Capel utilizes his own poetry and the poetry of William Cullen Bryant, Paul Laurence Dunbar, Henry Franklin Bryant and Oscar Brown, Jr. as he sheds layers
of wardrobe like centuries of burdens to take the audience on an incredible journey from the spirit of one African Chief to the current Commander-In-Chief

A Little Christmas Basket  ~  Public Audiences 
Audience Size: No Limit  ~  Length: 60 Minutes
Enjoy a visit down memory lane to "Christmas of the long ago" through the words of poet laureate Paul Laurence Dunbar.  Utelizing story poems such as "A Little Christmas Basket", "Speakin' O' Christmas", "Chrismus On De Plantation", "A Back-Log Song" and others Mitch Capel takes you on an incredible journey through time and space and has you learning, if not yearning for the way it was in the 1800's during the holidays


Available also for:  workshops ~ emcee ~ stand-up comedy ~ auctioneer ~ theatrical productions and roasts

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