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$15 (plus $2.95 S&H)
Great Stories For Young Folks:
This CD features some of Gran’daddy’s favorite motivational and self esteem stories such as “Turn To Gold”, “It’s In Your Hands”, “I Can Fly” all of which have excellent morals…even the children’s favorite scary
story… “Tailypo”!  Recorded live at the Carborro Arts Center / Carborro, NC

Listen to # 1 "Jump Back, Honey, Jump Back"

$15 (plus $2.95 S&H)
My Favorite Dunbar Poems: 
This CD features Mitch Capel bringing you some of Paul Laurence Dunbars’ great poetry (actually stories that just happen to rhyme). Features the first story he was ever told “A Cabin Tale” as well as “The Rivals”, “The Spelling Bee”, “Possum Trot”, “The Party” and others.  Recorded live at The National Storytelling Festival / Jonesborough, TN

Listen to # 3 "Opportunity"

$15 (plus $2.95 S&H)
The Colored Soldiers: 
This CD takes you on a journey through the eyes of individuals who fought in the civil war. Hear ‘bout “Li’as”, “Whistlin’ Sam”, “Whisperin’ Bill” and be in the battle with “William Carney” as “the old flag never touched the ground!”.  Recorded live at the National Storytelling Festival / Jonesborough, TN

Listen to #3: "The Colored Soldiers"

$15 (plus $2.95 S&H)
Ya’ll Need To Come This Way!:
A series of hilarious and heart felt stories and jokes told by Mitch Capel.  This CD shows the comedic side of Mitch and his mastery of commanding an adult audience.  Recorded live in Raleigh, NC

Listen to # 2 "Kinfolk"

$19.95 (plus $2.95 S&H)
Jump Back, Honey, Jump Back!: (DVD) See the magic unfold as “Gran’daddy Junebug” performs his kids show live which includes wonderful morals and affirmations in front of an elementary school assembly in Fayetteville, NC.  If listening to Gran'daddy Junebug is not enough, this DVD will give you the visuals of this colorful storyteller!

$9.95 (plus $2.95 S&H)

The Jealous Farmer (Book)
A little boy once told Gran'daddy Junebug that if he had this book, "The Jealous Farmer" he would read it every night. Well, now he can. "Shake it off and stomp it down" if ever you get problems on your back with this wonderfully illistrated book by Jermaine Monroe and told by "Gran'daddy Junebug".

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