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 What Folks Are Saying...

"Gran'daddy Junebug's style is one which children in particular can respond to and which also, through the quiet morals of his stories, strengthens their self esteem with playful yet positive messages."

Alvin F. Poussaint, MD
Associate Professor of Psychology
Harvard Medical School


"…this past Thursday morning, as I sat front row-center, with that same little girl in arm...I was proud to share the time with her in your presence...your message rocked her world...and mine.  I often say that BEING an artist helps me be a better human...EXPERIENCING your mastery of art certainly stirred the "better human" in me! Thank you, sir for being and doing." 

Jim Adams
Husband, Father, Artist


"Mitch Capel, affectionately known as "Gran'daddy Junebug," brings Paul Laurence Dunbar to life and audiences to laughter and tears. I would rather experience his presentations than eat when I am hungry!"

Mary Carter Smith
Co-Founder National Association of Black Storytellers


"With competence and mastery, Mitch Capel connects the audience with Paul Laurence Dunbar by utilizing a demanding and commanding artistry...thus he evidences Dunbar!"

Laverne Kenon Sci
Historic Site Manager
The Paul Laurence Dunbar State Memorial


"Mitch Capel has been storytelling for quite some time...and the style of storytelling is a style that is classical and contemporary at the same time. It's a wonderful style, which has elements of the "Pied Piper" to it. His dress seems to imply something very special; but the thing that impressed me about this man's work is not the fact that he was using rhymed material, but it was the fact of his control over the material, that he is not parameterized by the rhyme, but in fact uses the rhyme as a spring board for an incredible experience of storytelling!"

Ed Stivender
International Storyteller, National Storytelling Festival
Jonesboro, TN



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